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VSW02 Essential Tools for Xamarin Developers!


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate


Cross-platform mobile development has been democratized for .NET developers -- thanks to Xamarin and Microsoft. However, professional Xamarin development isn't a piece of cake. Sure, tooling has come a long way, but successful mobile apps need a lot more.

Do you understand the whole Xamarin technology stack? Do you know what platforms to target and maximize code reuse? Let's do a run-down of the essential tools, frameworks and utilities that should be in every Xamarin developer's arsenal. The ubiquitous IDEs, necessary plug-ins, cloud back-ends, deployment tools, testing solutions and polished UI -- all ready for your app development pleasure. How about adding some cloud-powered AI or Alexa voice assistance to your app? What can you do to delight your users, maintain developer sanity and deliver high-quality apps? Let's stop reinventing the wheel and ship apps faster with help from the right tools!

You will learn:

  • Must-have tooling for Xamarin devs
  • About intelligent cloud services
  • The DevOps lifecycle for mobile apps