Cloud Containers and Microservices

VST03 Azure 101


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Introductory

Laurent Bugnion

Cloud Developer Advocate


"There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer …" That's true. But when this someone else is Microsoft, and takes care of all the maintenance of these huge server farms, you can redirect these resources used to take care of your own infrastructure to other important tasks, such as adding features for your users. However, at first sight, Azure and its huge offering can seem daunting for a new user. In this presentation, Laurent Bugnion, who until recently didn't know much about the cloud, will show you how he got started and how you, too, can take advantage of the services that the Microsoft cloud has to offer. Together we'll discover the Azure Portal, as well as quite a few tools that make your life as a cloud developer easier.

You will learn:

  • About the features and tools of Azure
  • How Azure can immediately be helpful to you as a developer
  • The basics of pricing and make sure you don't waste money