Developing for Office, Office 365, and SharePoint

OST08 An Introduction to Development with the SharePoint Framework SPFx


4:15pm - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Rob Windsor

Senior Consultant and Trainer

Microsoft recently released a new page and web part model called the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Microsoft used this new framework to build the Modern list and library user experiences that have been rolling out to SharePoint Online. As you'll see in the session, developing for the SharePoint Framework using the developer preview is nothing like "traditional" SharePoint development. There's no File | New Project in Visual Studio; instead we'll be using tools like Node, Yeoman, Gulp and TypeScript. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

You will learn about:

  • Developer tooling used in SPFx projects
  • The relationship between SPFx and the modern user experience
  • APIs used to communicate with SharePoint and other web services