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Visual Studio Live! Panel Discussion: What Matters Most for the Future of Your Applications: AI, Data, Security, or UX?


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Billy Hollis

Developer. Designer. Speaker. Author.

Tanya Janca



Claire Novotny

Executive Director of the .NET Foundation, and PM on the .NET Team


Rabeb Othmani

Developer Advocate


Brian Randell

Product Marketing Director


In the real world, things are full of compromise. However, when we think of building the best, modern applications, we think about “next generation” apps that do it all, wherever the user may be. But what what’s the best way forward? Artificial Intelligence is getting tons of attention and investment, but without good data, how compelling is it? Then there’s security. Every day there’s a new breach. Should we all just stop and really get better at security, or is all of this a moot point if the user experience is horrible? Come hear Billy, Tanya, Oren, Rabeb and your host, Brian, provide their insights into what you should be learning to be ready for the next five to ten years of application development. Expect a lively discussion, as we put experts in each field in the same room and have them argue their position.