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VSH14 Finding Your Place in the Cosmos: When & Why You Should Consider Azure Cosmos DB


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Introductory

Eric Potter

Software Architect

Aptera Software

Azure Cosmos DB gives you exciting new ways to access your data. You have new storage paradigms. You can connect to it from your C#, JavaScript, Python or Java application. You can write stored procedures in JavaScript. You can easily integrate with Azure Functions. You get all of this with incredible access speeds.

In this presentation, you'll learn what you can do with Cosmos DB. You'll learn how you can benefit from the new storage models that Cosmos DB provides. You'll learn about the various options for storing and retrieving data. You'll be shown what SDKs are available. Most important, you'll learn when and why you would want to consider using it.

You will learn:

  • An overview of CosmosDB
  • About the storage paradigms in CosmosDB
  • How to connect to CosmosDB with C#