SQL Server for Developers

SQH12 Real-World PowerShell for the DBA


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Amy Herold

Sr. Cloud Solution Architect-Engineering


When used properly, PowerShell can have a positive effect on DBA-related tasks. Even when you're in an environment with compliance rules that impact how you're able to execute specific processes, PowerShell can still be an invaluable tool that can make automation possible when other processes fall victim to these rules. With all of the new SQL Server-related modules for PowerShell, more than ever it is the go-to tool for the DBA who's in need of ways to eliminate manual tasks with something automated. In this session we'll explore real-world methodologies and examples of how PowerShell can facilitate the automation of everyday DBA tasks while staying within established compliance boundaries.

You will learn:

  • Installation of the DBATools and SQLServer modules, using cmdlets from these modules for common DBA tasks
  • Real-world methods for deployments with PowerShell, including working around issues with PCI compliance
  • Examples where PowerShell can be used to eliminate manual processes such as applying permissions following a database restore