SQL Server for Developers, Full Day Hands-On Labs

SQS01 Hands-On Lab: Developer Dive into SQL Server


9:00am - 6:00pm

Leonard Lobel



Sleek Technologies, Inc.

Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to spend a full day learning great new features for developers in SQL Server 2016. You'll start with a vanilla database, and then adorn it – step by step – with some of the most compelling new SQL Server 2016 features, including dynamic database masking (DDM), row level security (RLS), and Always Encrypted. Then you'll "stretch" the database, which transparently relocates select tables to the cloud in Azure SQL Database), and utilize temporal tables, which enables "time-travel" queries. You'll also exploit the new JSON capabilities to consume and produce JSON in the database, integrate FILESTREAM and FileTable for native BLOB storage, and add location awareness with the geospatial data types. Attendance is limited.

You will learn:

  • New SQL Server 2016 security features such as dynamic data masking, row level security, and always encrypted
  • Other new SQL Server 2016 features, such as stretch database, temporal tables, and JSON
  • Beyond relational features, such as FILESTREAM, FileTable, and geospatial data types

Attendance is limited.

Attendee Requirements:
You must provide your own laptop computer for this hands-on lab.

Laptop Computer Configurations

  • Laptop
    • Windows 10 Professional (preferred), or Windows 2012/2016 Server
    • Machine-level administrator access
    • Internet Wi-Fi
    • 4 GB RAM
  • Visual Studio
    • Visual Studio 2017 Community edition or higher
  • Minimum workloads:
    • Windows
      • .NET desktop development
    • Web & Cloud:
      • ASP.NET and web development
    • To verify:
      • Open Visual Studio Installer:
      • If prompted, click Update to upgrade to the latest version of the installer
      • Click Modify
      • If both workloads are not checked, check them and then click Modify