Full Day Hands-On Labs, High-Value SharePoint Workloads: Search, Flow, and PowerApps

OSS01 Hands-On Lab: Your Search is Broken - Let's Fix It!


9:00am - 6:00pm

Level: Introductory

Matthew McDermott

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

Spanning Cloud Apps

Agnes Molnar

Founder, Managing Consultant

Search Explained

Your users are complaining. They cannot find anything in SharePoint or SharePoint Online. Search doesn't provide relevant results. Using search is not intuitive at all. The users want search to know their intent. To help them. To make their jobs easier. Instead, it's messy. It's useless. It's a pain. Nobody uses it.

You know it can be better. You just need help with how to fix it, step by step. How do you take the first steps? How to make your users happy searchers. How to help them find what they are searching for.

This hands-on lab is for you. What Agnes and Matthew bring to this hands-on workshop is a broken search environment and we'll fix it together. You'll get an understanding on how search works, what makes it useless, how you can improve it step-by-step, and what you can do to make it your users' favorite place to go after all. You'll get not only guidance and an action plan, but also immediate hands-on experience.

Bring your own questions, too, and Agnes and Matthew will help fix that as well.

You will learn:

  • Why out of the box search is frustrating and inadequate
  • What can go wrong in search and how to fix it
  • How to keep search clean and organized
  • How to prevent search from getting messy in the future

Attendee Requirements:

You must provide your own laptop computer for this Hands-On Lab.

Both an Apple macOS laptop or Windows PC laptop running Windows 10 will work fine. Make sure you have Internet connection enabled, and a modern web browser installed.