SQL Server Administration & Maintenance, Workshops

SQM01 Workshop: Planning SQL Server Solutions in a Physical and Cloudy World


8:30am - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Allan Hirt



We are no longer bound by implementations of SQL Server on physical hardware. Instances can be deployed on virtualized servers either on premises or in the public cloud. Databases can be hosted in those instances regardless of where those instances are located – or with no instance; just a database hosted in the public cloud. No matter where you deploy, your SQL Server usage has to be up when you need it, secure, and perform well.

This full day workshop will cover how to approach solutions for SQL Server in a world where you have physical, virtualized, and/or public cloud-based deployments. The high-level agenda includes:

  • Understanding the real differences between physical, virtualized, and public-cloud deployments despite them all having the same core components such as CPU, networking, and disk
  • Understanding the difference between local availability and disaster recovery, and how virtualization and the public cloud changes the landscape
  • Understanding how the choice of your operating system (Linux or Windows Server) will influence the final architecture of SQL Server
  • Understanding the considerations for hybrid solutions that span on premises (physical and/or virtual) and the public cloud or multiple public clouds L
  • earning about availability features at both the platform layer as well as in SQL Server, including newer features such as Storage Spaces Direct and Distributed Availability Groups
  • Learning real world tips for successfully deploying solutions that meet your requirements

No matter what your role is, if you are responsible for SQL Server, don’t miss this all day session to modernize your skills and bridge what you know today with what you’ll need to do tomorrow.