Cloud-Native Development

    Cloud-native computing is rapidly becoming the standard for software development. For most organizations, it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s more about how much cloud-native computing you’ll build. Running server-side software in a container has become common, and orchestrating containers in Azure, AWS, and Kubernetes (aka k8s) are having a large impact on software architecture and deployment. This is perhaps most clear when thinking about microservice software architectures and how they can be used to leverage cloud- and container-based environments. It is hard to imagine any enterprise development scenario where one or more of these trends would not be high on the list of critical skills.

    You’ll find coverage of:

    • Cloud-native architecture options and concepts
    • Microservice architecture and implementation
    • Azure Functions
    • Building serverless apps
    • Authentication and authorization in Azure
    • Choreography vs Orchestration in Serverless Microservices