"Microsoft 365 – Office Apps" for the IT Pro

TMW08 How I Halted an Entire Teams Rollout by Using the Productivity Score


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Level: Advanced

Ståle Hansen

CEO and Principal Cloud Architect, MVP & RD


The modern way of measuring network quality issues for Teams is using connectivity.microsoft.com which is highlighted in the Productivity Score. This is how MVP Ståle Hansen identified that the customer was not cloud ready for their global Teams rollout. He has spent the last decade troubleshooting calling and meeting quality issues and is maintaining the calling and meetings chapter in the monthly updated book, Office 365 for IT Pros. Join him down the rabbit hole as explains how to ensure a great Teams experience.

You will learn:

  • How to use connectivity.office.com to identify sites with issues
  • Network Connectivity in the Productivity Score
  • How Network Planner helps you plan for future bandwidth needs
  • Look for Call Quality trends using Dashboard PowerBI reports
  • Using Call Analytics for ad-hoc validation