TMW05 Security & Compliance – How to Get Started & Maintain


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Stacy Deere-Strole

Solutions Architect

Focal Point Solutions LLC

Through the years Microsoft has changed how utilize the Security & Compliance admin panels. They started out as separate panels, then they were combined and then so much functionality within was becoming so overwhelming that they changed again and separated them out. I believe this was the best decision ever as the amount of functionality that has been released so far is overwhelming but exciting and much needed for organizations to ensure their overall environment and their content is secure and compliant in accordance to the organizations polices. By the way, did I mention that governance is embedded into them?

A number of reports have been provided in each of the admin panels to instantly provide you interactive statistics and environment overview. The default reports are exceptional but not all organizations work the same way but no fear you can create your own reports. The big question is what do you do with the information you are gathering in these reports? Review and file away? Never look at them? Put into a SharePoint list for historical data that can also be connected to Power BI for dashboard for visual representation for executives, etc.

In this session, we will be taking a deep dive into both the Security and Compliance Admin panels to provide guidance on how to see how your organization measures up with the built in scoring. In addition, we will go through the setup, configuration and planning for Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Retention, Labels, Policies, etc. I will also demonstrate what it looks like to the users when these features & functionality are being utilized within an organization. Don't forget before ever starting with security & compliance you must properly plan, identify a team, initiate discovery sessions with departments and stakeholders to help divide and conquer.

You will learn:

  • What can security & compliance do
  • Where to begin
  • Keeping your environment & users safe