Business Intelligence, Fast Focus

SQT04 Fast Focus: The Four Flavors of Power BI


1:30pm - 1:50pm

Level: Introductory

Thomas LeBlanc

Data Warehouse Architect/MVP

Data on the Geaux

Power BI started as a free desktop visualization tool. Then, deploying to the Power BI Service allowed cloud-based dashboards. Eventually Microsoft had to support enterprise customers. This brought the Premium edition to the table. Once Premium can on board, the On Premises edition of Reporting Services was updated to include Power BI Reports in the portal. All these options can be confusing, so let's get together and separate the costs from the needs. This session will help anyone interested in using Power BI for small to large companies.

You will learn:

  • Free versus Pro version of Power BI
  • New Pro Premium Option
  • Power BI Premium