Technical Excellence and Leadership Skills

VSTH03 Building and Leading Remote Teams


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory

Amber Vanderburg


Pathwayz Group

The world of work is constantly changing as we create new products, provide excellent service, and collaborate on new ventures. I'll give you tools to overcome remote team challenges from confronting communication frustrations, setting expectations, and strategically building/equipping the right-fit remote team.

You will be able to walk away with practical tools, tips, and tricks that you can implement within your team to help perform with more clarity and direction, more straightforward communication and expectations, and better performance individually and as a team. This high energy chat will give you insights from a little bit of theory and case studies, a load of practical application, and lots of laughter.

You will learn:

  • Be strategic in building a team that can thrive in a remote environment
  • Equip and prepare your team with the tools that they need to be more successful working remotely
  • Aid in the logistical challenges of a remote team