Cloud-Native DevOps

CCH03 Standup Comedy Hour – Why App Folks Love Infrastructure Folks?


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory

Vishwas Lele


Applied Information Sciences

Jack O'Connell

Cloud Infrastructure Solution Director

Applied Information Sciences

This session brings together an infrastructure engineer and app developer on the stage to discuss their journey to the cloud, containers, and DevOps. Between lame jokes and forced nerdy laughter, we will try to communicate some valuable lessons learned in an enterprise’s journey into DevOps and the Cloud.

Both presenters suck at comedy, so for those of you looking to be entertained at this technical conference, we suggest you attend another session (although we will then question your motivation to participate in this conference in the first place).

You will learn:

  • Dev, DevOps and Infrastructure engineer interaction
  • Essentials of Containers and Orchestrators
  • Networking, Storage and Compute Basics