Cloud-Native Development

CCH01 Migrate and Modernize with Kubernetes and Windows Containers


8:00am - 9:15am

Vishwas Lele


Applied Information Sciences

We will begin this session by discussing the “traditional” approaches for migrating workloads to the cloud: (1) Rehost (lift-n-shift), (2) Refactor (PaaS approach), and (3) Reimagine (cloud-native rewrite). Each of these traditional approaches has pros and cons.

We will then move to how the recently announced Windows support in Kubernetes provides an opportunity to rethink traditional approaches to cloud migration fundamentally. Leveraging Kubernetes with Windows container offers a compelling option for migrating Windows apps to Azure.

In this demo-heavy session, we will provide many examples of this approach in practice with discussion along the way. If your customer/organization is looking to migrate your existing Windows workloads to the cloud, while minimizing code changes and taking advantage of innovative cloud-native technologies, this is a session you watn to attend.

You will learn:

  • Understanding of Windows containers
  • Windows support in Kubernetes
  • Common cloud app migration challenges