SQL Server for Developers, Workshops

SQM02 Workshop: Developer Dive into SQL Server


8:30am - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Leonard Lobel



Sleek Technologies, Inc.

This full-day workshop will get you up to speed on powerful features for developers in SQL Server. Lenni will pull no punches as he rips through the most important SQL Server programmability points in this intensive demo-packed tour.

We'll kick things off with the most important features added to the relational engine, including broad multi-platform support across Windows, Linux, and Docker. Learn how SQL Server’s ability to run inside Docker containers on both Windows and Mac has revolutionized the way developers work with Microsoft’s venerable database engine. Then you'll explore all the latest T-SQL enhancements, including more convenient DDL statements, new string split, join, and aggregate functions, partition truncation, and other language improvements added in SQL Server 2017, plus many other T-SQL capabilities, such as windowing (OVER clause), running and sliding aggregates, the THROW statement, server-side paging, the SEQUENCE object, metadata discovery techniques, and more new functions.

Next we'll explore the latest security features of the relational engine, such as dynamic data masking, row-level security, and always encrypted. We’ll also preview SQL Server 2019's support for secure enclaves to enable rich query of encrypted data in use. Other innovative capabilities include "stretch" database (allow select tables in an on-premises database to be transparently relocated in Azure SQL Database), temporal data (enable "time travel" to access data as it existed at any point in time), and integrated JSON support. We'll wrap up with the graph support recently baked into the relational engine, which lets you build data models that focus on the interconnected relationships of your entities.

You'll learn a ton of new SQL Server features in this information-packed day!

You will learn:

  • How to boost your productivity by running SQL Server inside Docker containers
  • The latest T-SQL language enhancements
  • Discover the newest SQL Server developer features (DDM, RLS, Always Encrypted, Stretch DB, Temporal, JSON, graph)