Sujatha Sagiraju

Automated Machine Learning Group Program Manager, Azure Cloud and Artificial Intelligence


Sujatha Sagiraju is a group program manager in the Azure Cloud and Artificial Intelligence group. Her expertise is in building large scale distributed systems. Her latest mission is accelerating and scaling artificial intelligence via automated machine learning. She has been at Microsoft since 2001 and worked on several products as a developer and program manager. She has led many diverse large scale efforts at Microsoft including enabling code testing during production in Bing, the first time ever at Microsoft and driving Bing latency below 1 second for the first time ever. She built a team of network engineers, developers, program managers, and finance experts – to improve the customer network experience at Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service. Sujatha is a diversity and inclusion champion at the Azure Artificial Intelligence platform organization and is passionate about recruiting, mentoring and growing diverse talent.