Native Client

VST06 Optimizing and Extending Xamarin.Forms Mobile Apps


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Matthew Soucoup

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate


Xamarin.Forms allows you to build a native UI for three platforms with one shared C# codebase. Simply put, if you know C# then you already know how to build iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Leverage the .NET Framework to build out your shared business logic including integration with web services and Azure Mobile Apps and then build out your shared UI in C# or XAML. Xamarin.Forms also features a built-in two-way data binding, dependency service to help you implement platform-specific code, an advanced cross-platform animation system, support for custom controls, and lots of other powerful features to help you build the best apps possible in the least amount of time.

During this session, we will focus on the latest developments in Xamarin.Forms enabling you to share even more code and build even more beautiful apps in less time. We will look at Custom Renders, Effects, Platform Specifics, Bindable Native Views, the Xamarin.Forms previewer, and so much more! We will end by looking at tweaking and tuning your Xamarin.Forms applications for the best performance possible.

You will learn:

  • About sharing XAML between iOS, Android, and Windows with shared and native views
  • How to easily extending Xamarin.Forms with effects and platform specifics
  • How to optimizing your Xamarin.Forms apps