Native Client

VSH02 PowerApps and Flow Part II: Package, Embed, and Extend Your Applications


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Pratap Ladhani

Principal Program Manager


Manas Maheshwari

Senior Program Manager, PowerApps Team


In this session you will learn about the current methods and future roadmap for packaging assets across PowerApps, Flow, and the Common Data Service. Learn how to manage the lifecycle of projects from development to production, deliver solutions to customers in different tenants, and market your finished solutions to other customers via AppSource. You'll also learn how to extend your own applications with the capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow. You can now have easy-to-use customizable UI right inside of your application. Moreover, you can empower anyone who uses your application to automate any aspect of their workflow. See how other application developers -- notably Microsoft products like SharePoint Online -- are taking advantage of these embedded capabilities to quickly deliver world-class extensibility to their own users.