TMT08 Achieving IT Efficiency & Control Through Automated, Self-Service Provisioning on Hyper-V


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Handoyo Sutanto

Senior Enterprise Software Engineer


  • Is your organization using Hyper-V or Microsoft Azure for your virtual infrastructure?
  • Is IT becoming the bottleneck for delivering infrastructure to the different business groups?
  • Are you looking for a holistic solution that provides automation and agility for both infrastructure and application provisioning?

HyperGrid delivers automated, self-service provisioning of VMs and applications in the data center and on 15+ public clouds, improving IT service and maintaining IT control. In this session, we will cover the best practices for adopting an automated, self-service provisioning model to speed up the delivery of infrastructure and reduce configuration errors. By enabling consistent deployment, security policy enforcement, visibility, and governance for all infrastructure and applications, running on premises or in the cloud, IT can enforce policies and quotas that prevent the underutilization of resources and insecure access policies. Learn how cohesive utilization and expense monitoring enables IT to see where to optimize for better cost efficiency.