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TechMentor Keynote: Sweet Sixteen, or Just Server 2012R3? A Glance at the Awesome, the Irritating, the Improved and the Expensive in Server 2016


8:00am - 9:00am

Mark Minasi

IT Consultant, Author, Speaker


Server 2016's here–should you be excited or not? Server 2012's arrival a few years ago was a huge leap in Server capabilities. For the first time, Windows Server offered a virtual compute and storage infrastructure that not only rivaled the competition, but cost far less to implement. Server 2012R2 delivered mainly fixes and small upgrades as expected, but where does Server 2016 fit in? Come see Mark Minasi, author of the bestselling 23–year series of Mastering Windows Server books, and hear his answer in this quick and entertaining look at Server 2016. Nano Server is the amazingly tiny, secure and extremely cool new feature. You'll hear why it's great, but may cost you a bundle in licenses. You'll be surprised to hear about the central Server feature that gets no new improvements at all. You'll be delighted by the introduction of four simple storage features that propel 2016 storage into "ready for prime time" class. Upon learning of the "finally!" improvements to Hyper–V and Windows Containers, you may not be able to contain yourself. So don't miss this talk, or you may never know the dark truth about 2016's Server Core.