Windows Client (Windows 10/UWP, WPF)

VSH06 Building Business Apps on the Universal Windows Platform


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Billy Hollis

XAML Slinger

Microsoft is betting big on their Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Business apps for desktop, tablet, and phone apps for Windows 10 can all be done on the UWP, and XAML is the primary markup language. This session will cover what you need to get started, even if you have limited exposure to XAML. You'll start with XAML basic concepts, including layout with the new Windows 10 elements. The session will also cover data binding, including the new x:Bind capability in Windows 10. Then you'll move on to templating, app navigation, responsive design, deployment to the Windows store, additional deployment options, Visual Studio changes for Windows 10 development, and other essential concepts to write your first Windows 10 application.

You will learn:

  • Get an entry point to key XAML technologies
  • The differences between Universal Apps XAML vs. older versions
  • Understand strategy for architecting, developing, and deploying UWP apps