TMH11 Facing Increasing Malware Threats and a Growing Trend of BYOD with a New Approach of PC Security


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Introductory

Yung Chou

Yung Chou

Technology Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation

The number of new malware threats revealed every day is staggering. These threats continue to grow increasingly sophisticated, so traditional threat resistance based on detection has become a losing battle. Hacking has become a business model and credential theft a practice. IT needs a fresh look on how to better and effectively protect corporate assets. This presentation will highlight lessons learned from the past, and examine a new approach to fundamentally secure a corporate and a personal computing environment from power on to off, while facing increasing and on–going cyber threats and a growing trend of BYOD in the IT industry.

You will learn:

  • How to articulate the changing cyber security landscape and the lessons learned from the past
  • Secure Boot, Trusted Boot and Measured Boot and the significance for fundamentally securing a device
  • The state–of–the–art and a new approach (as introduced by Windows 10) to fundamentally secure a computing device from power on to off