Modern Apps Live!, Workshops

MAF01 Workshop: Modern App Deep Dive: Xamarin, Responsive Web, UWP, CSLA .NET


8:00am - 5:00pm

Jason Bock

MVP (C#)

Practice Lead


Allen Conway

Lead Consultant


Brent Edwards

Brent Edwards

Principal Lead Consultant


Kevin Ford

Mobile Practice Lead


The Modern Apps Live! conference content is focused primarily on the tradeoffs and choices involved in designing and building a modern app. This workshop dives deep into the technology behind those choices and the way they are used to implement the MyVote demo app used in the conference. This is a no-holds barred deep dive into use of Xamarin, Angular (1 and 2), TypeScript, .NET Core, Web API, UWP, and CSLA .NET. You'll see all the gory details from the Azure app server to the mobile services to each client app technology.

Do you want to know how we achieved 100 percent reuse of our business logic across all these platforms? How we implemented authentication for the mobile and web apps? How we stored relational and blob data in a secure and efficient manner? All these questions and more will be answered in this workshop, delivered by the people who wrote the code and know it best.