Melissa Green

CEO & President


For the duration of her career, Melissa's focus has been on bettering business through the use of technology. She has spent time with small to large organizations in various industries learning how to identify needs and lead initiatives to implement solutions against those needs. Her career path has taken her through many roles, all touching technology in some way, but each teaching her unique perspectives about the challenges of running a business and how technology can be used to move ahead. Currently she owns and operates a full-service interactive agency, Wirestream. With roots in business analysis Wirestream has a strong desire to help their clients envision their needs and work with them to achieve their goals. She manages a team comprised of strategists, business analysts, designers, developers and testers; which when combined, offer knowledge in over 20+ industries and many years of experience in a wide array of services related to the digital content landscape. An avid supporter of women in tech, Melissa founded Digital Women of Kansas City whose mission is to brings together all women in digital-based careers (creative, user experience, analysts, developers, marketers etc.) to learn from and mentor each other.