Birds-of-a-Feather Lunch


12:15pm - 1:45pm

Enjoy lively lunchtime discussions by joining one of our table topic conversations. Tables will have a designated topic to help start discussions and interact with your fellow attendees. You may even learn a new trick or two or some great tips.

We will also have designated speaker tables - noted with the speakers name. Join your favorite speaker for a lunchtime discussion or just to ask questions or clarify anything from their sessions.

All seating is on a first come basis. Enjoy!

Sampling of Topics include:

  • Message Pumps and hWnds, OnPaint and MVVM, I still want great Windows Clients—do you?
  • Metro, modern, or Universal—can it be a great client for Windows?
  • End to end, a modern app is more than just UI—let’s talk services
  • Of layers and tiers, bits and bytes, how do you build a modern app?
  • What’s your favorite framework of the month?
  • CSS, LESS, SASS—web based UI is wonderful—or is it infuriating?
  • What do you call your process? Old School? Agile with a little “a”?
  • Dev and Ops—a new Romeo and Juliet? Or can we just ‘let it go’?
  • What’s your favorite feature of Visual Studio? What makes you crazy?
  • Open source .NET? They’ll never do that … oh wait! They did! Discuss.
  • Is this thing on? Own a Windows Phone? Come share your favorite apps.
  • Cordova? Xamarin? Web? Native? Hybrid? Discuss!
  • From Windows Phone to Windows on phones. What’s new, what’s the same, and what’s the uptake?
  • ASP.NET 5: what is it, a total reboot?
  • ASP.NET on Linux and Mac: what’s in it for me?
  • Is Azure beating AWS in the Enterprise?
  • All or nothing? Cloud-only and cloud-averse companies square off.
  • NoSQL: Fad, mere feature set, or category here to stay?
  • Big Data, Hadoop and machine learning: what’s it all about?
  • What’s happening to LightSwitch?
  • Are cloud business apps a safe way to use LightSwitch? Is LightSwitch a reliable way to do SharePoint development?