SharePoint Live! Keynote: Conference Welcome & State of SharePoint & Office 365


8:00am - 9:00am

Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell


Consultant, Instructor, Developer, & Author

Andrew Connell Inc.

Matthew McDermott

Founder and Director

Aptillon, Inc.

It's a big year for Microsoft, Office 365 & SharePoint! We are going to see the next on-premises version of SharePoint start to make it's way into customers hands. This new version, SharePoint 2016, has been heavily influenced by Microsoft's experience in hosting it in Office 365. In this keynote you'll see conference chairs Andrew & Matt not only give you an overview of the sessions that you'll find at the conference, but also get an update on where we are today. This includes SharePoint for those who are & will stay on-premises as well as those in Office 365 and beyond. Think of it as a State of the SharePoint / Office 365!