TMT05 Automating vSphere with VMware Orchestrator, Part 2


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Advanced

Greg Shields

MVP, vExpert

Author Evangelist


Join Greg in Part 2 of his Automating vSphere with VMware Orchestrator session.

You're experienced with VMware vCenter Server. You've built virtual machines and VM templates, and you're managing the everyday activities of your virtualized datacenter. But with vCenter Server alone, how much manual effort is required to get through your everyday tasks? How many extra steps are still required to fulfill each new request?

Take the next step in automating your virtualized datacenter with a VMware solution that you might not know you already own: VMware Orchestrator. With a little effort, this surprisingly-powerful little tool will quickly bring big changes to how your datacenter operates.

Join Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology in a two-part exploration of VMware Orchestrator. You'll learn how best to complete its quirky installation. You'll gain experience in navigating its sometimes challenging management interface. You'll see how workflows are constructed and presentation elements are configured to constrain requests to just the configurations you define. You'll integrate Active Directory actions and invoke PowerShell commands, and leave this advanced-level workshop with a production-ready self-service solution that can automate just about anything your virtualized datacenter needs.

You will learn:
  • Add workflow automation to vCenter Server
  • Extend workflows and automation objects to administrators and non-administrators
  • Create an environment of managed self-service for common requests