The Core of .NET

    At the heart of the Microsoft development experience is the .NET Framework. But it's changed a lot in the .NET Core era and you need to understand these sea changes in the platform, not to mention the cool features being added to C# and Visual Studio 2022. These are the base-level tools you need to know for success in the Microsoft development world.

    Topics in this track include:

    • What's new in .NET 5 and 6
    • What's new in EF Core 3
    • What's new in C#
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • .NET and the CLI
    • EF Core Deep Dive
    • Parallel programming with C#
    • Async internals in .NET
    • Exception internals in .NET
    • Moving from to.NET 5 and 6 in the Cloud
    • Real world production ready web APIs