Data Science and Machine Learning

AIT01 AutoML and MLOps on Azure Databricks


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Intermediate

Andrew Brust

Founder and CEO

Blue Badge Insights

Since Azure Databricks was first introduced, it has exposed Spark machine learning (ML) features. But more recently, the plot has thickened, with the addition of Databricks-specific ML features. These include machine learning operations (MLOps) capabilities via both a hosted version of the open source MLflow project and a new proprietary feature store; and, to make machine learning accessible to all developers, a new automated machine learning (AutoML) engine.

In this session we’ll walk through these newer capabilities and look at an end-to-end demo, where we’ll build an ML model, manage its features, deploy it to production and generate predictions from it using both interactive and batch scoring.

You will learn:

  • The basics of automated machine learning (AutoML) and the specifics of AutoML in Databricks
  • The use of MLflow to manage experiments, track models in the repository and deploy them
  • What feature stores are and how to use Databricks’ implementation
  • How to view and edit AutoML-generated notebook code