TMW06 Pen Testing with PowerShell: Cmdlets That'll Pwn Your Network


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Dale Meredith


My Mentored Learning, Inc.

You know PowerShell is the latest and greatest when it comes to managing your systems, but the real power comes from understanding how attackers can take this framework to create amazing tools and then using these tools against your infrastructure. From discovering and inventorying all your systems to totally owning your systems, they can even bypass your "remote execution policies." This session will cover how to implement your own penetration test against yourself using PowerShell so you can start to see the new techniques and tools being using against your networks.

You will learn:

  • How attackers are using this built–in framework against you
  • How to use PowerShell to discover systems
  • How to map out domain(s)