Developing for Office, Office 365, and SharePoint

OSW02 Building Office Add-ins for Outlook with Angular


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell


Consultant, Instructor, Developer, & Author

Andrew Connell Inc.

Microsoft Office clients, from Outlook to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and even OneNote support an extensibility option. Developers can build add-ins which are web applications that can reach into, be called and interact with the hosting Office client application. In this session, you will learn how you can use the latest version of Angular to create custom add-ins for Outlook. These add-ins will work wherever you use Outlook, from Windows, to MacOS to the web client or even mobile clients. The techniques and skills learned in this session can be used to also create add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

You will learn:

  • How to build Office Add-ins
  • How to use Angular to build Office Add-ins