Cloud Computing, Fast Focus Sessions

VST15 Fast Focus on Azure Functions


4:40pm - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Brian Clark

Developer Advocate


Azure functions enables developers to host and run chunks of code in the cloud, without the need for creating and maintaining the infrastructure around that code, such a solutions and projects, as you do when developing websites. They are event driven, serverless, compute-on-demand experiences that you can write in just about any language, from JavaScript to C# to Python, Ruby, and PHP. Azure functions can enable integrated backend operations fora wide array of scenarios including web and apps, IoT, and more. With Azure functions, you can immediately get your code up and running, which is essential in today's ever changing technology world. In this session, you'll learn how Azure Functions apps can help you make the jump to serverless..

You will learn:

  • What serverless means
  • Why you would use serverless
  • How Azure Functions apps can help
  • About cloud computing with Azure