The Real Cloud, Fast Focus Sessions

TMT14 Fast Focus: Recovering Your On-Premises Workloads to Azure in 20 Minutes with Nothing But Demos


5:10pm - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Peter De Tender

Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect


In this session, learn from Peter De Tender, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect / Microsoft Certified Trainer / Azure MVP (2013–2015) and passionate speaker, what it takes to architect and deploy a rock–solid disaster recovery solution for your application servers, using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Whether these servers are running on–premises as physical servers, Hyper–V VMs or in Amazon AWS. This demo–only session walks you through the architecture, deployment, troubleshooting and best practices sides of Azure Site Recovery. And common in Peter's presentations, he will share his deep–technical knowledge in a passionate and fun way.

You will learn:

  • The architectural side of building an Azure Site Recovery solution and where it fits in your IT Infrastructure. Learn how current typical disaster recovery solutions are a thing of the past, because they are too complex to deploy, too complex to manage, too expensive
  • Experience the deployment of ASR to replicate from Hyper–V VMs and Amazon AWS VMs, see a failover in action and monitor the full process. By building a custom protection plan, you will also see a failback in action once the primary site is back up and running
  • Grasp the passion and enthusiasm from Peter's demo's to go back to the office and deploy ASR in your own environment. Azure deployment scripts to speed up this process will be shared by Peter too