TMT07 Pitfalls and Problems: Windows 10 and Server 2016


3:15pm - 4:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Jeremy Moskowitz

Jeremy Moskowitz

Group Policy MVP

Founder / PolicyPak Software

Windows 10 is here, but the darn thing won't sit still. It keeps coming and coming; like Jaws I, II, and III. This means you better know how to handle it, so this session will show you some very important tips, tricks and traps about Windows 10 and Server 2016. This is good stuff to know before you get going in a significant way, or if you're already on the road, how to keep going nicely and smoothly.

You will learn:

  • What's new in Windows Server 2016 and decide which versions to use
  • How different versions of Windows 10 are different, and how making the right choice now is VERY important
  • What's new in Windows 10's "Servicing model"