TMT04 Keepin' The Bad Guys Out of Windows 10 with Microsofts In-box (and third party) Tools


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Jeremy Moskowitz

Jeremy Moskowitz

Group Policy MVP

Founder / PolicyPak Software

Remember the days before malware? A nice strong firewall was all you needed. Not today—now you have to have defenses everywhere. There is some good news though: Inside the box from Microsoft are a gaggle of fortification tools to keep the bad guys away. This whirlwind tour will explore in–box Applocker, Device Guard, Credential Guard and other Microsoft tools. Plus, since not everyone has Windows Enterprise edition, you'll also explore some options if you're using Windows Pro, with some third–party tools to fill the gaps. Shore up the security and leave ready to defend your kingdom.

You will learn:

  • Microsoft's in–box tools for end–user defenses
  • How to get started and fortify your endpoints
  • 3rd party tools which can make security easier and for those with Windows Pro (and not Enterprise)