Modern App Development

MAT03 Focus on the User Experience #FTW


3:15pm - 4:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Jim Barrett

Senior UX Designer


Learn some new ways of thinking that will enable you to reimagine application development.

Although quality business and data layers are critical to any application, the user sees and interacts with the application through its user interface. Modern apps in particular have set a higher bar in terms of productivity, aesthetics, platform integration, and usability by putting designer/developer collaboration at the forefront of the software creation. Each of the major device platforms has its own set of UX gestures, features, and user expectations. But do you really have to implement a different user experience for each phone, tablet, and desktop computing scenario? When should you follow guidelines & UI conventions? When does brand consistency across multiple platforms matter more? Learn how to reuse UX concepts across platforms, and when you really do need to provide a custom implementation for one or more platforms or device types.