The Real Cloud

TMH04 Automating Azure with PowerShell - Beyond the Azure PowerShell Module


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Neil Peterson

Senior Content Developer


Azure and PowerShell are big deals, no question about it. However, are you aware the PowerShell capability in Azure extends well beyond what you can perform with the Azure PowerShell module? This session will detail the many ways in which you can engage with Azure and Azure virtual machines using PowerShell. You see demonstrations of the following features:

  • Azure PowerShell Module
  • Azure VM DSC extensions
  • Azure VM Custom Script Extension
  • Azure Automation

This session will quickly ramp you up on everything you need in order to select and use one or many options for Azure VM automation and configuration using PowerShell.

You will learn:

  • A practical understanding of the many ways to use PowerShell with Azure
  • Understand when and how to use each PowerShell option in Azure
  • Prepare yourself to automate anything in Azure with PowerShell