Modern App Development

MAH02 Modern Web Development: Building Client Side Using TypeScript and Angular


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Allen Conway

Lead Consultant


Modern web apps are often described as "responsive web," "Single Page Applications (SPAs)," or "JS Applications." These apps built with HTML5 and JavaScript (or TypeScript) are popular both for their light weight and high performance nature. Responsive apps run in a modern browser and provide users with a rich smart client experience that is generally consistent across different browsers and platforms. We'll discuss Modern Web Applications using a JavaScript framework as an implementation choice, their viability, advantages/disadvantages and comparison to server-side ASP.NET Web applications. In this session, you'll learn about modern web development on the client using tools like Angular and TypeScript for building a rich and compelling user experience in the browser, supported by the server-side technologies covered in the previous session.