DevOps, Workshops

TMF02 Workshop: Advanced Desired State Configuration


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Jeffery Hicks

PowerShell MVP

Senior Technology Fellow

JDH IT Solutions

Desired State Configuration (DSC) has been part of PowerShell since version 4.0. Perhaps you've even used a bit; maybe to push a configuration to a server. But you want to do more. In this full day workshop, you'll learn how easy it is to take advantage of DSC's more advanced features. You'll look at how to set up a secure pull server and configure servers to start using it. You'll also look at how to use partial and named configurations, including when not to use them. You'll look at some of the newer reporting and management features for DSC. And finally, you'll explore how DSC can play a pivotal role in your DevOps environment.

You will learn:

  • How to securely deploy a DSC Pull server
  • Advanced DSC techniques like partial or named configurations
  • About DSC reporting and management