SQL Server Administration and Maintenance, Workshops

SQF02 Workshop: Database Administration for the Non Database Administrator


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Introductory

Denny Cherry

Principal Consultant

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

In this all day workshop on Microsoft SQL Server we will be learning about how Microsoft SQL Server works and what needs to be done to keep it up and running smoothly when you don't have a full time database administrator on staff to help you keep it running.

In this workshop we will cover a variety of topics including backups, upgrade paths, indexing, database maintenance, database corruption, patching, virtualization, disk configurations, high availability, database security, database mail, anti-viruses, scheduled jobs, and much, much more.

After taking this full day session on SQL Server you'll be prepared to take the information that we go over and get back to the office, get the SQL Server's patched and properly configured so that they run without giving you problems for years to come.

You will learn:

  • Backups
  • Recovery
  • Corruption
  • Indexing