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SQF01 Workshop: Big Data, BI, and Analytics on The Microsoft Stack


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Andrew Brust

Senior Director, Market Strategy and Intelligence


In this workshop, we'll look at the full Microsoft BI stack, including SQL Server Analysis Services, Power BI and Excel. We'll also look at Microsoft's growing cloud Big Data and analytics stack, including HDInsight (both Hadoop and Spark), Azure Data Lake Store, Data Lake Analytics and Machine Learning. We'll explore the R programming language, and even SQL Server relational engine features like columnstore indexes and PolyBase. Perhaps most important, we'll investigate the many integrations between all of these technologies.

We'll start with the conceptual, where you'll learn what Big Data is and the fundamentals of Data Warehousing and dimensional modeling. We'll then move on to the individual technologies, starting on-premises with Excel and Analysis Services, followed by a gradual shift to mobile and the cloud with Power BI and then the full-on cloud with HDInsight and other Azure services.

Then we'll see how to mix and match technologies. Integrations like using Excel against Power BI and Analysis Services; SQL Server with Hadoop/HDInsight via PolyBase; and Power BI with SQL Server Reporting Services. Plus, we'll hit on the integrations of R and Python with SQL Server, HDInsight and Azure Machine Learning as well as R's further integration with Power BI.

Working with data isn't just about relational databases and data access anymore. It's a much bigger, more exciting world than that now. There are new challenges too, but they're not insurmountable. Take in this workshop to get past them and see the cool stuff that awaits.

You will learn:

  • Power BI, against an array of data sources
  • Open Source Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark
  • Fundamentals of the R programming language, including its integrations into SQL Server, Power BI and HDInsight