SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization

SQW01 Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer: SQL 2014 & 2016


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Advanced

Bradley Ball

Sr. Consultant – Premier Support for Developers


In SQL Server, there are big changes to the Query Optimizer. For one, you get a new cardinality estimator. The way you look at statistics is improved. Heuristics have also been improved. There are fancy words, but what does this mean to you when you're writing T-SQL? Does this mean you need to fear an upgrade past SQL Server 2012? Want to understand how to use the old or new Optimizer? This session will break down the changes, why they were made, and example of how newer versions of SQL Server can make your T-SQL life better.

You will learn:

  • The changes in the Query Optimizer for SQL Server 2014
  • The changes in the Query Optimizer for SQL Server 2016
  • How to determine if those are adversely affecting your queries and how to mitigate them