Keynotes & General Sessions

Live! 360 Keynote: Mobile - Choosing a Direction for Your Company


11:15am - 12:15pm

Level: Everyone

John Papa

Principal Developer Advocate


Every mobile app should be native! Hybrid is the way to go! PWA's are the wave of the future! Who's correct?  Which mobile platform should we choose? Are these even the right questions? Before solving the problems of the ever changing mobile world, we must first understand our own environment and the challenges we face.

Challenges include solving business needs, processes not tuned to mobile deployment, varying talent pool/skill sets, code reuse, CI/CD and DevOps, security compliance, time to market, business agility, mobile network coverage, and known target devices. We'll examine how these challenges can tilt the scales in different directions for mobile solutions.

We'll discuss how the technology choices we make generate great controversy in the mobile space. Specific technologies. We'll see some wider perspectives on how we can think beyond the code we write and broaden how we evaluate it. We'll identify challenges that we face and learn how to weigh them for our environment. Writing code is only one small part of a true mobile solution. Only when we understand the problem can we comfortably choose a mobile direction.