ADW08 Where Does JavaScript Belong in the App Store?


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Jordan Matthiesen

Program Manager


Six years ago, PhoneGap (a.k.a. Apache Cordova) burst onto the scene with tremendous fanfare. It promised near-total code sharing across iOS, Android, and Windows using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since then, both the technology and the market have matured. Phones are faster. Startups are experimenting with new ideas on a faster cadence. Enterprises are transitioning from Web (with a capital "W") to mobile. It's a strange new world. This session will explore the state of hybrid app development using real-world data to understand the role web technologies play in the app store. When are businesses choosing hybrid over native? How have best practices changed with the rise of DevOps? How do offerings like React Native, Cordova, and PhoneGap relate and what should I learn? How will hybrid apps look in the future and who's paving the way?

You will learn:

  • What is hybrid app development and why are companies looking at it as an option
  • The top trends and platforms in the hybrid app dev space, and where should you focus your efforts
  • Where the Microsoft Visual Studio team is currently focusing their efforts around tooling and developer guidance