Visual Studio / .NET Framework

VST12 Ensuring Quality Deliverables with SmartBear’s Visual Studio Integrations


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Rick Almeida

Development Team Lead - Collaborator

SmartBear Software

Learn about modern API and GUI testing best practices as we walk through a live presentation of SmartBear’s approach to quality; get a glimpse into how we deliver software using our own tools. High quality software starts before you start writing code. We’ll talk about how we collaborate on requirements across our extended development team, translate those requirements into code, and finally code reviews and test plans. Also on the agenda is a quick look into root cause analysis via code profiling, because no one likes memory leaks or slow applications. Whether you’re a QA professional, a developer, or a product owner, SmartBear’s tools maximize quality while minimizing effort. Come join us in this interactive session, where we’ll run through the gamut of tools we have available today.