Keynotes & General Sessions

App Dev Trends Keynote: You Are the Future of Enterprise Java!


8:00am - 9:00am

Level: Everyone

Reza Rahman

Speaker, Author, Consultant

Java EE remains one of the most important technologies for global IT. It has come a long way since J2EE and has grown to become highly community-centric. Indeed the process of defining the scope of Java EE 8 was the most community-opinion-driven process in the history of the platform. In fact, it was the community that helped to smooth the many bumps along the road to Java EE 8 for the entire IT industry.  This keynote tells that unique story, focusing on what’s inside Java EE 8 and how it got there. It also explores the critical role Java EE and APIs currently play in maintaining the health of the entire Java and IT ecosystem. And perhaps most importantly, it answers the question, What do we need to do now to move enterprise Java forward?