Visual Studio / .NET Framework

VSH07 Debugging Your Way Through .NET with Visual Studio 2015


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Advanced

Ido Flatow

Ido Flatow


Senior Architect and Trainer

SELA Group

Bugs are part of every application, so you spend a lot of time in the debugger. While creating bugs is easy, finding them can be hard, but doesn't have to be painful. This is where the debugging features of Visual Studio 2015 can help you in our work. With its world-class debugger, Visual Studio provides us ample ways to find our bugs—fine-grained control over breakpoints, threading visualizers, and comprehensive profiling tools. This session will examine the new debugging features of Visual Studio 2015, as well as some of its less recent features rolled out over the years that you may have missed.

You will learn:

  • New ways to control breakpoints
  • New viewers and profilers
  • Best practices for debugging .NET apps