SQL Server for Developers

SQH11 Powerful T-SQL Improvements that Reduce Query Complexity


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Hugo Kornelis


Database Consultant

PerFact B.V.

We've all dealt with nightmare queries: huge, twisted monsters that somehow work, despite being ugly and unmanageable. The time has come to tame these beasts, and the solution is available now, since SQL Server 2012. Standard T-SQL functions offer out-of-the-box solutions for many problems that previously required complex workarounds. Paging, Running totals, Moving aggregates, YTD, and much more comes at the power of your fingertips. The only thing you need to do is learn the syntax. That is exactly what this session is all about—a thorough description and explanation of the syntax, and loads of demos to demonstrate how you can use all these new features. Attend this session to boldly take SQL Server where it has never gone before.

You will learn:

  • The basic options of the OVER clause
  • The additional possibilities of the windowing extensions to the OVER clause
  • The performance and maintenance impact of using windowing functions